Evangelicals at a Crossroads

evangelicals at a crossroads thumbnail“Concentrating on the upstart revivalism and social reform of the Methodists, Baptists, and Salvationists in late nineteenth-century Boston, Hartley’s carefully researched and well-written book is a landmark study of urban evangelicalism in post-Civil War America. In particular, he shows how eclectic, cantankerous, and contentious evangelicals, both men and women, brought together revivalism and social reform, anti-Catholic and labor politics, and local revivals and international mission. Evangelicals built institutions, addressed the evils of the city, fought with each other over doctrines and priorities, and eventually saw their influence ebb in the face of new forces at the beginning of the twentieth century. Hartley’s terse and persuasive analysis of urban evangelicalism before fundamentalism gathered traction fills a significant gap in our knowledge.”

– David Hempton, Alonzo L. McDonald Family Professor of Evangelical Theological Studies, Harvard Divinity School

Intrigued? Here is a proof copy of the first chapter of the book.  

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Below are some scholarly reviews of my book in various academic journals:  

SCHOLARLY REVIEW: Hamilton, Barry W. Fides et Historia, May 2012, 129-131.

SCHOLARLY REVIEW: Kemeny, P. C. American Historical Review. Feb2012, Vol. 117 Issue 1, p210-211. 2p.

SCHOLARLY REVIEW: Smith, Gary Scott. Journal of American History. Dec2011, Vol. 98 Issue 3, p847-847. 1p.  

SCHOLARLY REVIEW: O’Toole, James M. Catholic Historical Review. Apr2012, Vol. 98 Issue 2, p395-396. 2p. (AN: 75071408)


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